Sunday, October 30, 2011

NAP Weekly Announcements - Fall 2011 - Week 7

1. Steamboat Foundation Info Sessions
2. Collaborating with Native Communities in the Arctic From Ethics to Practical Considerations
3. Termly Faculty Dinner
4. Weekly NAD Meeting
5. Bologna Lunch
6. Gun Hill Road Screening with writer and director Rashaad Ernesto Green
NEW 7. The 1491s Come to Dartmouth
8. Support Gedakina’s Annual Thanksgiving Fundraiser
9. Men of Dartmouth Nominations
10. New NAS Courses for Winter Term
11. Village Voice Media Fellowship Program:
12. Penn, Shoen & Berland – Operations Junior Analyst (L.A.):
13. Directors’ Guild of America - Assistant Directors Paid Training Program:
NEW 14. Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP)
15. Chronicle Books – Design Fellowship
16. China--CIEE Teacher Program
17. Boston Teacher Residency
18. NURU International Fellows
19. Princeton-In-Africa
20. Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
21. NPR Kroc Fellowship
22. Princeton-In-Asia Fellowship
23. Kip Tiernan Social Justice Fellowship
24. Princeton-In-Latin America
25. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowship
26. Arthur C. Parker Scholarship
27. Academy for Urban School Leadership - Urban Teacher Residency
28. National Geographic ‘All Roads Film Project’
29. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship
30. Blakemore Freeman Fellowships
31. The Development Executive Group-International Development Correspondent Fellow
32. Financial Times Graduate Trainee Program
33. The Four Directions Summer Research Program (FDSRP)
34. DOE's Tribal Energy Program
35. More events from WEEK 6

Announcements and Events

Tuesday, Nov. 1st @ 12:15pm OR 7pm
Haldeman Room 041

RSVP REQUIRED by NOON on 10/31 (Monday!)
Visit this link and select the desired program/time to RSVP.
You only need to go to ONE of the two info sessions.

The Steamboat Foundation offers a leadership development opportunity through its Steamboat Scholars Program. Scholars receive a $12,000 award that gives them the opportunity to spend the summer in the
greater New York area (Greenwich, CT) exploring issues of leadership, living and learning with their Steamboat peers, and participating in a 10-week prestigious internship hosted by Steamboat's Grant Partner, Lone Pine Capital.

For Students Who Can Demonstrate Financial Need

This opportunity includes:
  • A mentor and individual research project
  • The benefit of living and learning with a peer group of talented
  • young leaders in New York City and Boston
  • Participation in Foundation-sponsored dinners and cultural events,
  • including the opportunity to meet highly accomplished individuals from
  • a range of fields
  • Bi-weekly dinners and dynamic leadership coaching that encourages
  • personal and professional development and risk-taking

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 at 11:59pm.
At the info session, representatives from the Steamboat Foundation and a previous intern will be providing specific details regarding the application and timeline.


Internship Description:
At Lone Pine Capital, the Steamboat Scholar will work with the investment team and will have primary responsibilities conducting research on publicly traded companies through conducting channel checks, attending industry conferences, meeting with management teams and gathering and analyzing industry data. Ultimately, the Scholar will offer his/her opinion to the investment team and help evaluate
whether or not an attractive investment opportunity exists. The Steamboat Scholar will have the opportunity to work with and learn from various members of the investment team, which will give the
Scholar exposure to the different industry sectors and global markets in which Lone Pine invests. The Scholar will attend the weekly analyst meetings in which investment ideas and the portfolio are discussed.

Candidates should have a strong interest in the financial markets, enjoy analyzing companies and industries, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Candidates should also be passionate about the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills and live and interact with the other Steamboat Scholars.

2. "Collaborating with Native Communities in the Arctic From Ethics to Practical Considerations"
Medeia Csoba DeHass, NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Wednesday, Nov 2
4:00pm, 125 Haldeman

Medeia Csoba-DeHass is the recipient of a 2-year NSF Postdoctoral
Research Fellowship working with Lower Kenai Sugpiaq people in collaboration with community members at her fieldwork site in Nanwalek, Alaska. The community is interested in documenting
their Sugpiaq heritage for future generations. Dr. DeHass is being co-sponsored by the Institute of Arctic Studies and the Native American Studies at Dartmouth and is working with Professor Sergei Kan in Anthropology.

3. Termly Faculty Dinner

Date: November 2nd at 6pm at the NAH
For those of you new to Faculty Dinner,  every term NADs invite their professors to the NAH for dinner. This is an opportunity for you and your prof to get to know one another better.  Please make good use of this opportunity!  Getting to know your prof. outside of class helps you!

How does it help you? In the short term, casual conversation with your prof. allows you both to see all that you have in common and to learn new and different things about each other.  This personal connection can actually improve your grade! In the longer term, you will be looking for profs to be project and thesis advisors, and recommendation letter writers.  If they know you on a personal level they will be more likely to remember you and want to help you.

So please invite your prof. to dinner! We generally prefer that each student invite just one of their profs so that they have time to get to know each other.  But sometimes multiple students ask the same prof.  So, sometimes a student will actually invite two of their profs.  Keep in mind though, the purpose of the dinner is to give you an opportunity to get to know your professor better.

In short,

1) Ask your prof to dinner--and hand or email them the invite so that they have the info
2) Once they've told you they can be there, email the NAP to let us know you will be there (this is a very important step in the process and one I encourage you to practice)
3) Show up for the dinner, chat with your prof., eat dinner, and have a good time!
4) Reap the benefits

Let Jeanne in the NAP know if you have questions.

4. Weekly NAD Meeting
Thursday, 7 pm in the NAH Dining Room

5. Bologna Lunch
Friday, 11:30 til the food runs out in the NAP Lounge

6. FREE FILM (Open to the public)
Meet writer and director Rashaad Ernesto Green, Dartmouth Class of 2000 for a very special screening of his film, GUN HILL ROAD!  

Friday, Nov. 4
7 p.m.
Dartmouth 105

Watch the trailer:

"An ex-con returns home to the Bronx after three year in prison to discover his wife estranged and his teenage son exploring a sexual transformation that will put the fragile bonds of their family to the test."

NEW 7. The 1491s Come to Dartmouth
Ryan Red Corn (Osage) and Dallas Goldtooth (Dakota), two of the founding members of the popular viral video creators 'The 1491s', are coming to campus to work with Dartmouth students. All students will have the chance to visit with Ryan and Dallas on Friday, November 11th as they visit classes, give a large-group presentation, "Social Engagement and Viral Media in Indian Country," and are hosted at a dinner by Native Americans at Dartmouth.
A smaller group of students, limited to 15 participants, will work closely with Dallas and Ryan throughout the weekend, creating a 1491s-style viral video on Saturday and Sunday, November 12-13. Space is limited, and priority will be given to students who (1) are able to complete a Jones Media Tutorial beforehand, (2) commit to attending the large-group presentation on Friday, and (3) can dedicate their weekend to completing the seminar video. If you are interested in participating in the weekend seminar with Dallas and Ryan, please contact Angela Parker ( or Cinnamon Spear ( for more information on the weekend seminar.

Friday, November 11
10am       NAS 8
11:15am    NAS 25
3-4:30pm   "Social Engagement and Viral Media in Indian Country," Jones L02
evening    NAD-hosted dinner with Ryan and Dallas

Saturday, November 12
all day    Seminar: creating a 1491s-style viral video

Sunday, November 13
all day    Seminar: creating a 1491s-style viral video
6-8pm      Closing dinner with seminar students

8. Support Gedakina’s Annual Thanksgiving Fundraiser
With Thanksgiving coming in about a month, due to the still struggling economy many families are going to need assistance to put a meal on the table for themselves, their families and friends. Gedakina is asking for you to make a financial contribution to their annual Thanksgiving Fundraiser to help provide Holiday Food Baskets and Turkeys to Native American/First Nations Elders and families in need.
*They accept donations of turkeys and non-perishable food items – please contact them for a drop off location.
Last year, thanks to our friends and supporters, they were able to provide food baskets and/or turkeys to over 250 families. $15.00 purchases a turkey - $40.00 a complete meal for a family of 4-6. People can donate through the secure Pay Pal link on the website
Or by sending checks and/or money orders to:
Gedakina, Inc - PO Box 221 - Milford, NH 03055
~All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.~
Gedakina is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization that provides Experiential Outdoor/Environmental Education, Health & Wellness, and Leadership Development programs for Native American youth and their families from across New England.
Visit www.gedakina to learn more about Gedakina and to see upcoming events.

9. Men of Dartmouth Nominations
Dennis Zeveloff '12 and Farzeen Mahmud '12 are looking to interview senior men from the Class
of 2012 to invite them to speak at the annual Men of Dartmouth panel, which
is on Nov. 16, 2011. 
Message from Farzeen:
Every human being has lived a life, and therefore has a story - we are simply looking for folks who would like to share their story in an accessible way to others, in a way that shows their reflection upon & appreciation of themselves and growth in their time in this community. The point of such an event is to intentionally give attention to a few members of this community for a period of time, whilst still giving attention to the many who will gather there, in order to demonstrate that we can come closer
together when we know more about each others' lives.
If there is a person that you think would be willing to share their story in such a context, please let me or Dennis know so that we can reach out to them. We will keep their names confidential throughout the interview/outreach process.

Contact info:

10. New NAS Courses for Winter Term
Two new NAS courses this winter with Prof. Angela Parker, the newest NAS Professor.
NAS 16: 20th Century Native American History, 2A
NAS 33: Indigenous Communities and the Environment, 10A

Research and Internship Opportunities

11. Village Voice Media Fellowship Program:
(6 months) Magazine-style journalistic writing and reporting.    
Rolling deadline for January start

12. Penn, Shoen & Berland – Operations Junior Analyst (L.A.):
Ensure successful completion of research projects for a global research-based consultancy that specializes in messaging and communications strategy for blue-chip political, corporate and entertainment clients.

13. Directors’ Guild of America - Assistant Directors Paid Training Program:
(400 days) in Los Angeles
Deadline: November 1

NEW 14. Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP)
A full-time paid entry-level internship; provided with a mentor.  In 2011, MAIP placed 139 interns at over 80 agencies across 24 cities. Accepted interns work in one of twelve different advertising departments. The advertising experience culminates with a career fair in New York City. Open to Juniors or Seniors - Asian/Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Multiracial or Multiethnic (e.g., Hispanic and Black); min. GPA of 3.2. Application includes essay questions, 2 letters of recommendation, an unofficial transcript and $25 application fee.

Deadline: November 4

15. Chronicle Books – Design Fellowship:
(6 months) Five design fellowships in our Publishing Design, Marketing Design, Children's Design and Digital Media Design groups. These fellowships will provide six months of hands-on experience to graduates interested in embarking on a career in either book, publication, and package design.
Deadline: November 7

16. China--CIEE Teacher Program: 
(5-10 months)
Deadline: November 15 for February start

17. Boston Teacher Residency:
(3 years) Work with Mentor Teachers in Boston's public schools and take a
specialized curriculum developed and lead by local educators and community leaders.  Earn a Mass. Initial Teacher License, a master's degree in education from UMass Boston and credit toward a dual license in special education.
Deadline: November 15 for early Admission

18. NURU International Fellows:
(8 months) Participate in an impact-driven international development project, starting with a 3-week training in San Clemente, CA, followed a 7-month on-the-ground experience by in Kenya.
Deadline: November 15 for a spring rotation; July 1 for a Fall rotation

19. Princeton-In-Africa:
(12 months) Service Fellowships in humanitarian aid, public health, education,
conservation, post-conflict reconstruction and social entrepreneurship.

20. Japan Exchange and Teaching Program:
Provides the opportunity to serve in local government offices as well as public and private elementary schools, junior high and senior high schools.
Positions: 1) Assistant Language Teacher, 2) Coordinator of International Relations, 3) Sports Exchange Advisor
Deadline: Early December

21. NPR Kroc Fellowship:
(1 year) Rigorous hands-on training in every aspect of public radio journalism--writing, reporting, producing and editing, for both radio and the web.
Deadline: December

22. Princeton-In-Asia Fellowship:
(1-2 years) Service-oriented fellowships in 18 Asian countries in the fields of education, international development (NGOs), environmental advocacy, journalism, law and business, with a majority of fellows working as English teachers at universities and high schools.
Deadline: December 1

23. Kip Tiernan Social Justice Fellowship:
(1 year) Fellowship honors the life-long work of the founder of Rosie's Place. It is designed to provide support for a woman who seeks to create, design, and implement a project which will in some way further the broad mission of assisting and empowering poor and homeless women anywhere in New England.
Deadline: December 1

24. Princeton-In-Latin America:
(1 year) Service-oriented Fellowship at NGOs and community based service organizations.
Deadline: December 1

25. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowship:
Work as Research Assistants to the Carnegie Endowment's Senior Associates.
Nomination required by Scholarship Advisor - Kristin O'Rourke
Deadline: December 1, must contact scholarship advisor BEFORE this date.

26. Arthur C. Parker Scholarship
Since 1998, the Society for American Archaeology has awarded the annual Arthur C. Parker Scholarship (up to $4,000) in support of archaeological training for Native Americans who are students or employees of tribal, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian cultural preservation programs. The SAA also each year awards three National Science Foundation Scholarships for Archaeological Training for Native Americans and Native Hawaiians (up to $4,000).
Since 2010, the SAA has presented two additional awards for undergraduate and graduate archaeology education. These awards (up to $5,000 for undergraduate students and up to $10,000 for graduate students) provide flexible financial support for Native American students, including but not limited to tuition, travel, food, housing, books, supplies, equipment, and childcare. These scholarships are open to all Native peoples from anywhere in the Americas, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Indigenous Pacific Islanders.

Application materials and more information may be found online at:

The Society for American Archaeology is an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas. With more than 7,000 members, the Society represents professional, student, and avocational archaeologists working in a variety of settings including government agencies, colleges and universities, museums, and the private sector. SAA's annual Meeting attracts more than 3,000 archaeologists from around the world. For more information on the Society for American Archaeology and its annual meeting, visit its website at
Deadline: December 15

27. Academy for Urban School Leadership - Urban Teacher Residency:
A teacher training program, partnered with Chicago Public Schools, focusing on transforming chronically underperforming schools,
typically in high-poverty areas. A full-year campus-based residency in a CPS classroom that includes training, education, certification, and mentorship.
Deadline: December 15

28. National Geographic ‘All Roads Film Project’:
Seed Grant–Funding for film projects from indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture filmmakers year-round.  Grants from $1,000—$10,000.
Deadline: December 15

29. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship:
(3 year) Teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a high-need secondary schools in Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio and obtain a Master's Degree in Education.
Deadline: December 21

30. Blakemore Freeman Fellowships:
(1 year) Advanced level language study in East or Southeast Asia in approved language programs.
Deadline: December 30

31. The Development Executive Group-International Development Correspondent Fellow: 
An opportunity to combine international development and journalism. Report on and research international development trends, projects, organizations, as well as career and business advice. Tokyo, Barcelona, DC (3-6 months)
Deadline: December 31

32. Financial Times Graduate Trainee Program: 
(Journalism - 2 years) Spend 8 weeks training, then join our London editorial team. Successful trainees will then spend up to 2 years working across the FT newspaper and website in London and overseas. Once trained, graduates will be appointed to their first job, in London.
Deadline: December 31 typically, but website has not been updated yet.

33. The Four Directions Summer Research Program (FDSRP)
Exciting summer research opportunity at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) for undergraduate students with a commitment to the health of Native American communities. The FDSRP is in its 18th year, and has brought over 150 students to Boston during this time. Invite students for 8 weeks to engage in basic science or translational research projects under the supervision of Harvard Medical School faculty advisors -- with the goal of encouraging scholars to pursue advanced medical and graduate-level science training. The focus of internship activity is participation in a research project under the supervision of a medical school faculty mentor. Additional activities include education and training sessions, social networking opportunities, weekly roundtables with BWH Faculty and the Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers, and clinical shadowing. 
Additional information and the application can be found at:

If more detailed program or application information is needed, please feel free
to contact them at: 
Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers
Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
1620 Tremont St, 3-014
Boston, MA 02120
(617) 525-7646

34. DOE's Tribal Energy Program: 
Seeking current college upperclassmen and graduate students for summer 2012 internships. Students must be U.S. citizens and Native Americans (defined as a member of a federally recognized tribe, Alaska Village, or Alaska Corporation) with specific interest in renewable energy. 

For more information on the internship program, including comments and papers from past interns, see the Tribal Energy Program website at and the application form.

To apply, download the application form and send it to the attention of Sandra Begay-Campbell, Sandia National Laboratories, P.O. Box 5800, Albuquerque, NM 87185.

Deadline: Applications must be postmarked by February 17, 2011.