Saturday, March 31, 2012

NAP Weekly Announcements - Spring 2012 - Week 1

Spring Term 2012--

Welcome back, readers! We hope your spring break was full of well-needed rest and that you're back and ready for a great 12S!

A few announcements:

First, a message from OPAL Director, Alysson Satterlund:
I am writing to share that Jeanne Briand and Minnie Slater will be supporting different OPAL programs for the coming spring term.  To accommodate both changing program needs and professional development interests, Jeanne will be supporting International Student Programs and Asian & Asian American Student Advising while Minnie will be supporting the Native American Program and continue to support Latino/a Student Advising, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Student Advising and the OPAL director.
Both Jeanne and Minnie will continue to be available to answer your questions, serve as valuable resources to you and be here to assist you as needed.
I ask during the transition that you continue to seek out Molly Springer for NAP advising needs (email: or call: 603.646.2110) and Steve Silver for International Student needs (email: or call: 603.646.2331).
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email: or by phone at 603.646.1656.

Second, if you are looking for one more class, check out Anthropology 35: MAYA INDIANS UNDER MEXICAN AND GUATEMALAN RULE.

Spring 2012 
MWF 12:30-1:35
317 Silsby
Professor Watanabe

This course explores the community cultures of Maya Indians of southeastern Mesoamerica against the backdrop of nearly five hundred years of conquest, colonialism, nation-building, social and political violence, and capitalist transformations.  Maya cultures extend across the national boundaries of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize, from the lowlands of the Yucat√°n Peninsula in the north through the rainforests of Guatemala and Campeche to the highlands of Chiapas and Guatemala in the south.  The course focuses on Maya responses to Spanish conquest and colonialism and the ethnically divided, at times deeply antagonistic, societies that resulted.  Case studies of Maya in Mexico and Guatemala show how the distinct national histories of these countries since the 1820s have affected Maya lives, livelihood, and identities.  In analyzing these cross-cutting cultural patterns, histories, and contending ethnic and national boundaries, the course also addresses how-and why-anthropologists have described Maya as "Indians," "peasants," and postcolonial national citizens, shaped not only by their own cultural traditions but also by European imperialism, state nationalism, capitalism, political repression and, most recently, international rights discourses.

Third, there will be a Harvard Kennedy School information session on April 5 at 12:30 PM in the Career Services Office.

Students from all years and majors are welcome to attend. Harvard Kennedy School offers master’s degrees in public policy and public administration.
Harvard Kennedy School maintains an abiding commitment to advancing the public interest by training skilled, enlightened leaders and solving public problems through world-class scholarship and active engagement with practitioners and decision makers. The school offers the depth, reflection, insight, and excellence of ideas and teaching that can shape future leaders, affect public policies, and make an impact on people and their daily lives. They are looking for future leaders who are committed to public service and passionate about making a difference in their communities and in the world. In addition, they value diversity, with the belief that a diverse student body further enhances the learning experience. In particular, they seek applications from women and underrepresented groups.
To learn more about Harvard Kennedy School, please visit
RSVPs should be emailed to

Fourth, here are some deadlines for those students on campus:
March 26-1-first week of schedule adjustment
April 2-6-second week of schedule adjustment-permission to add necessary
April 3 final day to check-in for term
April 10-last day to select NRO
April 25-May3-summer term course election period open
April 30-D-plan change deadline w/out $100 fee

Now here are some internship and scholarship opportunities:

1) The Native Research Network, INC., ( is pleased to announce the availability of student travel scholarships to undergraduate and graduates students who are American Indian, Alaska Native, Canadian Aboriginal, or Native Hawaiian. Scholarships will be made available to students to participate in the 24th Annual Native Health Research Conference to be held in Seattle, Washington on July 16-19, 2012. 
Due to limited funding NRN, they will cover conference registration, 3 days lodging, and NRN membership dues. 
Students are encouraged to work with their institutions to acquire additional funds to cover airfare, ground transportation and per diem. 
Applications will open April 1, 2012 and will be due April 30, 2012.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Tonie Marie Quaintance
Chair Student Division, NRN

2) Do you have any interest in working in the field of Public Health someday? Are you unsure? Are you at least a sophomore student up to a graduating senior? Jared Dunlap has advocated to bring in over 10+ Native students with the new CDC-funded Summer Public Health Scholars Program here at Columbia. Experience Columbia University and work with NYC-based community organizations, receive a stipend, housing, and a summer in NYC. What's better?? 
IF INTERESTED - Contact Jared Dunlap at

3) Sports Journalism:  Turner Broadcasting – Digital Editorial Internship 
[POST GRAD in Atlanta]
Assist the NCAA Digital editorial staff in the daily production of, including editing stories, creating compelling web packages and section producing.
Deadline: Apply ASAP

(1-2 years in DC)
A mentored teaching program of guided work in the classroom, instructional immersion, professional development, and exposure to the theories and methods of early childhood education.
Deadline: Apply ASAP

5) Emma Williard School – Math & Science Teaching Fellowship
(1 year - Troy, NY)
Includes teaching, coaching and dormitory duties. Earn a Master's degree at nearby Union College or Skidmore College - includes full payment for graduate school tuition and expenses, room and board, and a stipend.
Deadline: Apply ASAP

6) Concord Academy – Wilcox Fellows Program
[Diversity - Concord, MA]
Seeking to nourish teaching talent from underrepresented populations. Work closely with a mentor, teach two classes each semester, informally advise students and serve on faculty committees. Coaching opportunities available, but they are not mandatory.
Deadline: Apply ASAP

7) Greenhill School – Carter Fellowship Program
(1 year - Addison, TX)
Teaching and administrative experiences - six fellows in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and four fellows in grades 1–4.
Deadline: Apply ASAP

8) Greenwich County Day School – Co-Teacher Program
(1 year - Greenwich, CT)
Co-teaching children in grades N-9. Participants work with children in after-school settings in addition to assisting with teaching duties.
Deadline: Apply ASAP

9) Germany - Ecologic Transatlantic Fellowship Program
Participate in international the environmental research and consulting program. Fellows join international collaborative project teams and have the opportunity to conduct research and co-author reports.
Deadline: APRIL (4-6 months before start date) 

10) Orbis Institute - Fellowship
(1 year)
During your six-month stay in China, India, Kenya or Nepal,  work in high school classrooms facilitating the Orbis Global Leadership Curriculum and work with students to initiate solutions to global problems in their respective local communities. Upon return, Fellows work on building a Blueprint for Action around the research they conducted while abroad.     
Deadline: APRIL

11) Berkeley Repertory Theatre­ Professional Fellowships
(Artistic, Admin. & Production - 11 months)
For serious-minded, highly motivated individuals who are ready to embark upon a professional theatre career. Fellows are directly exposed to the Theatre's daily operations and given the opportunity to provide support for the award-winning company's ambitious and innovative body of work.  
Deadline: APRIL 1

12) Ohio Legislative Service Commission – Legislative Fellowship Program
(13 months)
Work with members of the Ohio General Assembly and one or two with the LSC research or fiscal staff. or state program. In addition to constituent work, fellows’ duties usually include writing assignments such as press releases, newsletters, speeches, and committee memorandums. Fellows also may be asked to research public policy issues or legislation, and attend committees /meetings.
Deadline: APRIL 1

13) Boarding Schools - U. of Penn Residency Master's in Teaching Program
(2 year)
Specifically designed for aspiring teachers interested in pursuing a career with a boarding school - Deerfield AcademyThe Hotchkiss SchoolThe Lawrenceville SchoolNorthfield Mount HermonMiss Porter's SchoolSt. Paul's School.  Includes one week during the summer at U. Penn, and one weekend each during the fall, winter, and spring terms on the campus of a partner boarding school, and online classes. 
Must first apply for, and be accepted to, the fellowship/intern programs at one of the partnering boarding schools.
Deadline:  APRIL 1

14) Academy for Urban School Leadership - Urban Teacher Residency
A teacher training program, partnered with Chicago Public Schools, focusing on transforming chronically underperforming schools, typically in high-poverty areas. A full-year campus-based residency in a CPS classroom that includes training, education, certification, and mentorship.   
Deadline: APRIL 1

15) New York City Economic Development Board ­ Project Management Program
(2 year)
Program participants join NYCEDC as Project Managers or Senior Project Managers and rotate between three departments. Core skills training may include finance, real estate, negotiation, presentation, and general project management.
Deadline: APRIL 1

16) Chandler Chicco – Healthcare Public Relations
[Graduate Training Program (DC & NY) – 4-6 months]
Graduate Trainees participate in a program in one of six professional tracks: Public Relations/Account Management; Medical Education and Marketing; Market Access; Digital/Social Media; Studio Project Management; or Research and Measurement.
Deadline: APRIL 1

17) Belgium (European Economic and Social Committee Traineeships)
(5 months)
Work with a mentor in drawing up records of meetings, carrying out research in a particular area, and in evaluating economic, financial and technical cooperation projects and programmes.
Deadline: APRIL 1 (for Sept. experience)

18) Academy for Urban School Leadership­ Urban Teacher Residency
(1 year)
Teacher training program and a Master's degree, partnered with Chicago Public Schools,  focusing on transforming chronically underperforming schools, typically in high-poverty areas. A full-year campus-based residency in a CPS classroom that includes training, education, certification, and mentorship.   
Deadline: APRIL 1

19) Arizona Teaching Fellows (Phoenix, Tucson & Yuma)
(2 year)
Teach in a high-need school and participate in an intensive summer pre-service training that includes real-world teaching experience and practical strategies to help all students make academic progress. During your first one-two years in the classroom, you will complete certification coursework.
Deadline: APRIL 2

20) The Olga Gruss Lewin Post-Graduate Fellowship Funding
Supports an 8-month to 1-year project affiliated with a non-profit organization immediately following graduation. You must first secure an opportunity with an organization in order to apply for funding.
Deadline: APRIL 4

21) UMBC Choice Community Service Fellowship
(1 year – Maryland or Rhode Island)
Work in teams serving youth involved in the juvenile justice system in Baltimore or Rhode Island. Gain a broad range of exposure to community-based services including: juvenile justice, human services, public schools, courts, and housing.     (University of Maryland in conjunction with Americorps)
Deadline: APRIL 9 (RI) or APRIL 11 (MD)

22) The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism Marketing Fellowship
(~1 year)
Deadline: APRIL 11

23) City Hall Fellows
(12 months)   
Fellows are part of a cohort of 10 in San Francisco, CA from August to July and will be placed throughout the local government with high-level local officials.  Fellows will work on critical city projects, create individual and group service projects, and also participate in the Civic Leadership Development Program.
Deadline: APRIL 12

24) Schuler Scholar – Program Coaches
(1 year - Chicago)
Support under-resourced, high potential students (often first generation college bound ) to succeed at the most competitive private colleges and universities. Coaches work with Scholars in one-on-one and group settings to provide subject specific tutoring and homework help and lead small group seminars on current events and literary works.

25) North Carolina Innovative Statewide Program to Improve the Recruitment of Educators
[NC INSPIRE - 3 year]
Teach math, science or special education and obtain a Master of Arts in Teaching.  Includes summer institute, teaching coaches, and professional development opportunities.

26) Choate Rosemary Hall – Teaching Fellowship
(1 year - Wallingford, CT)
Teacher training program - Teach two or three classes, live in a dormitory apartment and carry dormitory supervisory responsibilities, and coach two terms in the intramural or interscholastic athletic program.

27) Island Fellows Program
(2 year)
Build sustainability of Maine’s island and working waterfront communities. Help guide planning and economic development, through the Island Institute in Rockland, Maine.
Deadline: Apply early in April, though FINAL deadline is May